Living Bread: Sourdough Baker Community

It's about so much more than bread. Community, solutions, growth, and a bigger impact. Join us.

Why You Should Join

If you have ever asked yourself these questions:

I can make sourdough bread, now what?

Where can I find the answers to the sourdough questions that stump google?

Join us inside where we bring together current and aspiring sourdough instructors to sharpen our skills as bakers and develop our teaching techniques with collaboration, challenges, and live workshops so that we can own our individual styles, articulate our stories, embrace a mindset of continuous improvement, collaboratively innovate ways to expand our impact and/or business, and unleash joy, hope, and empowerment in our homes and communities through sharing bread.

What you get with membership

What you won't find is a disengaged group just sharing recipes, bake photos, and unanswered questions. 
This is a structured and intentional community built with weekly activities, \accountability, real support and connection, live interaction, and monthly themes to inspire and challenge you as you learn.
Inside you will find unique answers, tips, and ideas you won't find anywhere else.
 Weekly Articles with a new recipe, important sourdough information, or baking tricks and tips
  Monthly Live Events and Classes where you can learn and connect just like a live in-person class and get answers to your questions from the instructor
  Community Challenges to encourage you to try new breads and techniques you wouldn't normally try to push your skills and knowledge to greater heights 
  Engaged Support to get answers you won't find anywhere else and answers to your troubleshooting questions, tips for coming up with recipes, and help for your "what went wrong?" questions to explain not just what happened, but why
  No ads, No spam, No algorithms to create a fun, purposeful, and easy to navigate space that's free of distractions
  Privacy in a closed network where your information and posts will not be shared outside of the community
  Passionate Bakers who share your enthusiasm for sourdough! Each member adds depth and value to this community with their story, perspective, and skills. We are waiting for you!

 Here's a look at the Monthly Themes we have ahead as well as a recipe focus (recipe and tips available to the main community, live class available to Baker Club membership or a la carte):


  • Bread and the Art of Cozy
    • Recipe focus: Sourdough Chicken and Dumplings


  • Share the Sourdough Love
    • Recipe focus: Sourdough pizza and a bonus recipe!

What difference will your sourdough baking make in your home and your community??

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